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Don't be Spooked About This in Retirement

Below is a fantastic guest from Certified Coach, Samantha Lane. We hope you enjoy and be sure to reach out to either Samantha or me with any questions. Happy Halloween!

There can be a lot of spooky things when change is on the horizon. Rather than goblins, mummies, or ghosts looming around the corner, it’s often anxiety, perfectionism, and despair rearing their ugly heads. 

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What Is Consumer Sentiment and How Is It Measured?

As our economy seems to be coming out of a dark economic era, it’s important to know what lies ahead. As a consumer, you want to know if you can trust the perception and what appears to be true. Is the economy back on the rise? 

And how can we know for sure? One thing we can do is be more mindful of consumer sentiment. But ,what is consumer sentiment, and how is it measured?

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What are Leading Economic Indicators?

Ever wish you could look into the future to get a glimpse of what certain markets will look like five or 10 years from now? This is especially helpful if we’re working on a financial plan or plan to invest money in up-and-coming new markets. 

If only we could know what the state of the economy will be before it actually happens. You can know more with the leading economic indicators. This article will answer what are the leading economic indicators, and how to use them. 

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What is the Rule of 72?

Most of us like to know the length of time it will take our investment to grow. We want all the numbers: estimates, figures, how old we will be when it’s doubled, etc. Some things in life are just hard to know because there are no guarantees. 

But with the Rule of 72, you always know the number of years it takes to double an investment. The Rule of 72 will tell you a lot about the money you invest. Thanks to the Rule of 72, the table below tells us how many years it will take an initial $10,000 investment to double, depending on the rate of return. 

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What is a Backdoor Roth IRA and Does It Make Sense for Me?

Roth IRAs are one of the most fruitful investment accounts for people trying to develop a healthy nest egg. Among their numerous benefits, the tax-free growth and retirement distributions with Roth IRAs can set you up for maximum retirement earnings. 

Unfortunately, high-income earners are generally barred from taking advantage of a Roth IRA. In 2020, single earners with an annual income exceeding $139,000 were limited to a traditional IRA only.

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5 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years

Not everyone wants to spend the next 30 years paying a mortgage. Most of us want the wprivilege that comes with homeownership but feel it’s a lot to have to carry for so long. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be a homeowner and not have to carry the burden of a 30-year mortgage for, well, 30 years? What if you’re pretty close to retirement but still foresee a lengthy mortgage payment in your future? 

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6 Tips to Pay Off Your Student Loans in Less than 5 Years

Student loan debt in the United States is over one trillion dollars and growing. Millions of people are carrying the burden of student loans. Many still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to paying them off. 

Paying off your student loans can be difficult. With high interest rates and different rules than other types of loans, student loans are a tricky business. For those that want to be done with them at last, we have some great tips for paying off your student loans in less than five years.

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How To Determine How Much Your Business Is Worth

There are many reasons why you may want to determine how much your business is worth. 

You may be approached by a proposed buyer. You may want to sell and invest the money for your retirement. You may want to know it for insurance purposes. 

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How to Determine Your Budgeting Category Percentages in Retirement

If you are retired or getting close to retirement, chances are you are familiar with budgeting. There are many techniques for budgeting out there, but the basic idea is to balance your income and expenses. One way to do this is to think about your expenses as percentages. 

Budget percentages, as made popular by radio personality Dave Ramsey, help you understand where your money is going. The goal is simple: keep your expenses in each category within a certain percentage of your income. Most people who follow this method adhere to 10 common categories.

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What Are 401(k) Matching Rules?

The business world uses the term 401(k) often. Many employers offer their employees these retirement accounts as a benefit to working there. 

Some employers even offer 401(k) matching. This benefit is exactly as it sounds. An employer matches the amount of money that you contribute to your 401(k). So, you put money into your 401(k), and then your employer does the same. 

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