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The Right Way to Save for a Big Purchase

Savings Plan

Let’s be honest, most of us all want something we don’t have at the moment. It could be a new house, a new car, a new job, a vacation, etc. And, while it’s been proven that “experiences” bring more memories than actual physical items, it doesn’t mean we still don’t want them.Whether it’s wanting a new house, a second house, or a dream vacation, it takes money and time to get there. That means savings on your part. And, let’s face it, we’re not that good at saving money. Most of us specialize in spending money – and we’re quite good at it.

Well, today, I’m going to show you the right way to go about saving for that next big purchase and what you need to do in order to get there. Yeah, it’s probably not the sexiest thing in the world to discuss, but with a little planning and a little time, you might just get that Ferrari you’ve always dreamed of – or rather Tesla in this day and age.

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Everything You Need to Know to Compare Personal Loans

Student Loan Hero

NextGen Wealth was featured in the Studen Loan Hero article, "Everything You Need to Know to Compare Personal Loans". It's a great piece and one I highly recommend. Check it out here!


The Right Way to Get out of Debt

The Right Way to Get Out of Debt

With the record amount of debt in the U.S. today, you would think it’s a just part of being a citizen. As sad as that sounds, it’s true. And, it’s not like our government is setting a great example with the millions of dollars it adds to its books every single day.But trust me when I say this; going into debt isn’t what the cool kids are doing. Debt sucks. It’s a burden and can do irrefutable damage to not only one’s credit but more importantly, to one’s overall lifestyle.

So, you might be asking yourself if it’s so bad, then why do I and everyone else have so much of it? A great question indeed and one that could require an entire book. But, when the rubber meets the road, it really comes down to our education system.

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Here's how the House GOP tax plan could affect students, parents and universities

NextGen Wealth was featured in the CNBC article, "Here's how the House GOP tax plan could affect students, parents and universities". It's a great piece and one I highly recommend. Check it out here!VIEW FULL ARTICLE

Five Financial Apps That Will Make Your Life More Efficient

Financial Apps

It’s that time of the year again where budgets get thrown out the door, and we start spending money like it’s our job. And, while you would think that an article like this would be better suited for January, I thought I’d take a different approach.

Instead of giving you useful financial tips and apps after you’ve done all of your Christmas spending, I want to give you some tips prior to seeing if any of them might stick. While it’s probably just a shot in the dark, I like to think of it as my gift to you this holiday season – sorry, it’s all I have in the budget.

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Why We Look at Finding the Right College from the Wrong Perspective

Why We Look at Finding the Right College from the Wrong Perspective

Let’s face it; saving for your children’s college is quite the challenge. However, just as challenging is actually finding the right spot to send them off to college. There are so many choices with only so much money you can realistically spend without you and your child completely being indebted for the rest of your lives.

Sounds like a real pleasant experience, doesn’t it? Well, for most parents, it can really be a gigantic pain to find the right college for their children. Today, though, I’m going to explain how to make it a much more comfortable experience where everyone will understand and be happy.

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If Your City Lands Amazon HQ2, How Will it Affect You?

Amazon HQ2

In case you haven’t heard, Amazon is looking for a second headquarters. Now, why they need a second headquarters hasn’t exactly been explained, but they just do. Apparently, it’s kind of a big deal.

If the city you live in qualified to put in a bid, then it’s very likely they did just that. I haven’t actually come across any cities who met Amazon’s requirements, but didn’t actually put in a bid… although I would be very interested in learning why, since it would no doubt make them the outlier.So, what are these requirements that Amazon put out there?

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Help Your Parents Crack The Code On Credit Card Points


NextGen Wealth was featured in the Forbes article, "Help Your Parents Crack the Code on Credit Card Points". It's a great piece and one I highly recommend. Check it out here!VIEW FULL ARTICLE 


Why a High Income Doesn't Guarantee You'll Retire Rich

The Simple Dollar

NextGen Wealth was featured in The Simple Dollar article, "Why a High Income Doesn't Guarantee You'll Retire Rich". It's a great piece and one I highly recommend. Check it out here!



Why Investors Can Do Some Dumb Things (me included)

Why Investors can do dumb things

Do you ever do something or make a decision and then a few moments later think, “Why in the world did I just do that?” Of course you have, we all have. The good thing, though, it’s normally something small that won’t have much of an overall impact on your life.

However, when we make dumb decisions when it comes to our investments or saving for our retirement, you typically don’t know the results of that decision until a year–or many years–down the road. Investing for your goals is a slow moving process so making hair-trigger decisions typically doesn’t work out so well.

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