Lee's Summit, Missouri
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What We Do For Our Clients

Financial Planning*

  • Personalized Vision Statement with short and long-term goals (accountability for both of us)
  • Access to your personalized financial dashboard with account aggregation and goal tracking
  • Comprehensive cash flow analysis and recommendations, as well as your own intuitive budgeting software through your financial dashboard
  • Complete financial automation
  • Complete review, analysis and recommendations of all outstanding debt
  • Complete review, analysis and recommendations of all Insurance and asset protection strategies
  • Tax strategy review (with your CPA) and tax efficient savings recommendations
  • Complete review, recommendations and management of all Investments and savings accounts to ensure proper asset allocation according to your goals and comfort level
  • College planning preparations and recommendations
  • Career and life planning
  • Charitable contribution planning and donor-advised fund management
  • Credit card review and recommendations
  • Company benefit planning and annual retirement plan reviews
  • Thorough retirement plan analysis with Monte Carlo projections
  • Complete social security analysis to ensure the most advantageous withdrawal plan for YOU
  • Comprehensive estate planning analysis and review
  • Your own Personal Financial Planner
  • Ongoing implementation, reviews, and updates
  • Complete accountability with timelines and who’s responsible
  • The best referral partners

Independent Investment Management

  • Personalized risk profile
  • Personalized asset allocation for each goal
  • Comprehensive Investment Policy Statement and Investment Plan
  • Quarterly portfolio review & rebalancing
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Investment strategy updates
  • Risk management oversight
  • Constant monitoring and oversight


*On an hourly basis or free to clients with greater than $250,000 with NextGen Wealth

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