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Personalized Financial Vision Statement

Personalized Financial Vision Statement

Because we specialize in working with younger adults (Generation X and Y), we understand that most simply don’t have the time or know-how when it comes to managing their finances.  We have careers and families that take precedent and for many of us, it’s hard enough just trying to figure out where to start.

Much like a business creates a vision statement, we work alongside our clients to create a personalized financial vision statement that serves as the foundation for the rest of their lives.  This will be the blueprint for which we follow, update, and monitor for the various goals we’ve set both short and long-term.

As I tell my clients, it’s truly a living breathing document.  It holds everyone accountable so we always know what needs to be completed and when it needs to be completed by.  Along with the client’s own personal goals, other items that will be addressed within the personalized financial vision statement include:

  • Comprehensive Cash Flow Analysis utilizing the latest intuitive cloud based technology
  • Complete Financial Automation
  • Complete Review, Analysis and Recommendations of all Outstanding Debt
  • Complete Review, Analysis and Recommendations of all Insurance
  • Complete Review, Recommendations and Management of all Investments and Savings Accounts to Ensure Proper Asset Allocation
  • College Savings Projections
  • Career and Life Planning
  • Thorough Retirement Plan Analysis with Monte Carlo Projections
  • Complete Social Security Analysis to ensure the most Advantageous Withdrawal Plan for YOU
  • Comprehensive Estate Planning Analysis and Review
  • Ongoing Implementation, Reviews, and Updates
  • Complete Accountability with timelines and who’s responsible
  • The Best Referral Partners

I believe we all need a financial plan, but it can be tough to get the ball rolling as it can be a very daunting task.   We’ll, we’re here to help at NextGen Wealth.  Please contact us today and we can take a major burden off your shoulders by getting the proverbial ball rolling to creating your own personalized financial vision statement.

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