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    Our Financial Planning Process

Looking to Learn More About Our Financial Planning Process? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Financial Freedom Blueprint


 Coming up with and creating your own financial plan is tough. It takes a lot of time to construct, more time to implement, and even more time to keep up with on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve created our own trademarked financial planning process, The Financial Freedom Blueprint®. 


Let’s face it, putting a plan together takes a lot of time and it’s not exactly the most exciting thing in the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a financial plan, a business plan, a house blueprint, etc.

None of these processes are all that fun to go through, but we know they’re important and need to happen in order to accomplish the end goal. When it comes to putting together a financial plan, it’s tough to figure out where to even start. Do these questions sound familiar to you?

  • “What should be the main priority in my life right now when it comes to my finances?”
  • “How much should I be saving for retirement?”
  • “When do I know if I’ve saved enough?”
  • “How do I know if I’ve invested in the right things?”
  • "Will my money last all the way through my retirement?"

I’m guessing you’ve asked yourself at least one of these questions and probably others too. Well, have you found a good answer yet?

If Not, Let Me Introduce You To The Financial Freedom Blueprint®

The Financial Freedom Blueprint® is our proprietary financial planning solution that’s taken us years to develop and refine.

Trust me, it’s not what you’re thinking if you’ve ever spoken to or worked with other “financial advisors.” Does being sold some kind of investment or life insurance product sound familiar to you? It’s funny how that always seems to be the solution regardless of your goals.Financial Success

Well, I can assure you that’s not The Financial Freedom Blueprint® formula. We have specifically designed this plan to address all areas of your financial life and provide solutions for each – even things that may have never crossed your mind.

  • How much you should be saving
  • How much you need to have saved to stop working for someone else
  • How much you can live on – without running out of money
  • How to save money on your investments
  • How to save money on your taxes

Without a plan, you won’t know where you’re going or when you’ve gotten there. Sure, you can make it to your destiny/retirement with hope and trying to win the lottery, but doesn’t it make more sense to have something specific in place that will guide you?

Plan For Your Future, But Learn From Your Past 

Have you or somebody you’ve known ever said, “I’m just waiting for the right time to…” Let me ask, has that right time ever come? I’m guessing not. I’m a firm believer that right now is always the “right time.” As Nike says, “Just Do It.”

So, when is the right time to start planning your retirement and financial future? Right now! Sometimes, you just have to take chances and jump into the deep end.

We’re talking about your financial future and retirement. You know it’s important, and you know you want to have the freedom to do whatever you want someday.

Let me show you how The Financial Freedom Blueprint® is that solution for you.  Anything that’s ever been built first started with a plan. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a house, bridge, desk, toy, etc. Literally, everything first started with a vision and then a plan. With that being the case, why should it be any different when it comes to your financial goals and retirement? At NextGen Wealth, we believe it shouldn’t.Financial Planning Progress
Having a plan is crucial and truly is the first step to getting you where you want to go. Wouldn’t it be nice to know:

  • Are my investments allocated correctly?
  • Is there a way to reduce my investment fees?
  • Does a Roth Conversion make sense for me?
  • Are there tax strategies I should be utilizing?
  • What's the ideal time to file for social security?

The Financial Freedom Blueprint® is our proven roadmap and solution that will get everything in place for you. I know what you’re thinking, “A blueprint… come on, that sounds boring and confusing.” Trust me, it isn’t.

We’re not going to bore you with industry jargon, charts, and graphs, and spreadsheets galore. As I said, you’re not dealing with the normal financial planning firm or the normal financial planner that you might have spoken to in the past.

We are all about simplicity and making things easy for you. 

Planning your financial future can actually be fun. Knowing there is a plan in place that you understand and makes sense to you actually feels pretty good – it’s amazing what peace of mind can do.

Here’s What You Get With Our Financial Planning Process:

  • A specific strategy that’s built around your goals, needs, wants, and wishes.
  • An easy to understand plan that prioritizes what needs to be done in the exact order of when it needs to be done.
  • A financial dashboard to organize all of your accounts and actually makes sense
  • An easy to comprehend implementation strategy 
  • The complete confidence that a plan is in place and, just as important, that you actually understand that plan.
  • A Certified Financial Planner® 

This Isn’t Your Normal Financial Plan

Most financial plans are just plain mind-numbing. There can be dozens of pages with numbers, data, charts, graphs, and industry jargon you just don’t understand nor care about. Worst of all, they’re obsolete before you even walk out the door.

I like to think of The Financial Freedom Blueprint® as truly a living breathing document. It evolves right alongside you and will serve as the foundation for the rest of your financial life. It’s meant to be changed and updated.

The Financial Freedom Blueprint® is for you if…

  • You’re ready to have a real plan for your financial future.
  • You actually want to speak with a REAL financial planner who isn’t just going to try and sell you something.
  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed about not having a plan in place.
  • You’re getting too close to retirement, and you don’t want to screw it up.
  • You’ve done a good job saving over the years but feel it’s time to start working with a professional.
  • You’re tired of the classic 100+ page financial plan that’s just confusing and doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • You’re working with a financial advisor who may not be putting your interests first.
  • You want to work with a real FIDUCIARY.

This isn’t for you if…

  • You want some get-rich-quick scheme that will allow you to retire tomorrow.
  • You think the government is going to collapse and should start stocking up on gold.
  • You don’t take your finances and investments seriously.
  • You think you know more than a Certified Financial Planner®
  • You tend to completely freak out if the market goes down

Just imagine having the clarity you’ve always wanted. Can you imagine having a clear vision of what your financial future and retirement will look like?

What would that mean to you? How much more confidence would that give you in your everyday life? Wouldn’t you be much more excited about retirement with having a blueprint to get you there?

What about the stress of the markets? Wouldn’t this ease your anxiety knowing you now have a plan? Would you have a completely better life since you can now put more focus on the things you want to do instead of worrying about what the news is telling you?

What are the Next Steps?

Before we jump into creating your financial plan, we do suggest going through our Getting Started Process™ to get your free Financial Assessment to ensure we're a good fit. If, after that, we decide to work together, here are the steps to creating your Financial Freedom Blueprint®.Financial Dashboard

Step 1: Get Organized– This is where we will get all the documents we need in order to create your financial plan. This will include getting access to all the documents in your financial life. Every piece of your financial life goes into your financial dashboard – the most up-to-date financial planning portal. You’ll now be able to access all your financial information in one place, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Step 2: Set Your Goals – After we have all of the information, it now comes down to setting your goals. This is an extremely important part of the process. We will work with you to explore all of the different possibilities and begin to narrow down a plan that makes sense to you and your unique set of goals.

Step 3: Delivery of your Financial Freedom Blueprint® – This is where you get your completed blueprint. It will include everything we need to do to take complete control of your financial life to ensure you're on your way to a happy, stress-free retirement.

Step 4: Implementation and access to a Certified Financial Planner® – This includes any implementation that is required on our end along with being your accountability partner every step of the way.

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Content written by Clint Haynes, CFP® | Certified Financial Planner®

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