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The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Is Now An Online Course!

We have some super exciting news around here at NextGen Wealth. We have taken our trademarked financial planning process, The Financial Freedom Blueprint®, and turned it into a do it yourself online course.The Financial Freedom Blueprint Is Now An Online Course

So, if you’re the do it yourselfer type when it comes to your personal finances, you now have a financial planning process laid out for you that will take you through every step of the way.

Best of all, it’s been created by a Certified Financial Planner® (that would be me) and it truly is the exact same process we take our client’s through but laid out in a way where you can do it all yourself.

Okay, okay, before I get too geeked out about this, let’s start at the beginning so you have a little background. Then we can determine if the course might make sense for you.

How The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Came About

After being in the financial services industry for about 10 years (I started right out of college), it became apparent to me that just about every firm was after the exact same client - people who had lots of money or were just getting ready to come into lots of money.

If you didn’t meet either of these criteria, then you probably weren’t a good fit.

It didn’t make a lot of sense to me that before you could ever receive any advice from a professional you had to have accumulated a bunch of money. That just didn’t sit right.

Shouldn’t we as a profession be helping people plan for the future along the way (in there 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc.) as opposed to having them figure out for themselves until they’ve (hopefully) saved enough money to speak with a professional?

To me, the whole industry seemed completely backward. I just thought,  “shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

At the time, I was in my early 30’s when I had this aha moment. People need the most help when it comes to comprehensive financial planning when they’re in there 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I mean, how are you supposed to know where you're going if you don’t have a plan or even know what your goals are.

So, with that being the case, that’s why I created NextGen Wealth (and probably how you found me), which thus lead to the creation of our trademarked financial planning process, The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ.

To me, creating a financial plan and a path to financial freedom had very little to do with investments (although it is a piece of the pie) but rather helping with every aspect of someone's financial life.

And, that’s exactly what The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ does. It truly covers every aspect of your financial life including setting goals, how much you should be saving, how you can make more money, how you can save on the stuff you’re already buying, etc.

The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ provides real value that people can actually see. And, if you’re anything like me or my clients, saving money on things like taxes and insurance is real value.

Now, let’s talk about the actual Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ Course.

What is The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ Course

In a nutshell, The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ Course is basically a way for DIYer’s to create their own financial plan without having to pay a financial advisor or Certified Financial PlannerⓇ. Let’s face it, not everybody needs to pay a financial advisor (and yes, this is coming from a financial advisor) particularly if their financial life isn’t that complicated and they can do many of these things themselves. 

The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ Course is the exact same financial planning process I have been using with my clients for a number of years...and I can tell you, the amount of money saved or extra money earned by my clients is well into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Sure, you could probably piece together your own plan from all of the information on the internet, but that's a lot of stuff and noise to filter through and, let's face it, it's tough to decipher the good advice from the bad.

With The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Course, I have specifically designed it to address all areas of your financial life and provide solutions for each – probably even things that have never crossed your mind.

  • How much you should be saving
  • How much you need to have saved to stop working for someone else
  • How much you can live on – without running out of money
  • How much you should have in your savings account and how to earn more interest
  • The best investments for you
  • And so much more

The course is extremely comprehensive with 25 sections and nearly 7 hours of video content broken up into roughly 5-10 minute videos. Each section has its own corresponding video/videos along with its own step-by-step PDF guide.

Also, there’s an actual Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ template that you fill out after completing each section. It’s laid out in a really easy to understand manner that makes going through it nice and fluid.

Some sections should be completed before moving on to others but many of them can be completed at any time, particularly the ones that could possibly save you or make you more money i.e. having the right savings account, saving money on investments, saving money on insurance (home, auto, life), finding unclaimed money, etc.

The Financial Freedom Blueprint Ad

As opposed to going through the entire course curriculum, I thought it might be helpful to just list the 25 different sections. You can also view the list of sections/lectures by going to the bottom of this page.

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Cash Flow is King
  3. Spend Less or Make More (or both)
  4. Don’t Pass up Free Money
  5. Fund an Emergency Savings Account
  6. Pay off High-Interest Debt
  7. How to Save for Financial Independence/Retirement
  8. How to Manage Your Investments
  9. How to Save for Your Child’s College
  10. Creating Additional Savings and Investment Accounts
  11. Managing Your Home Mortgage
  12. Manage Your Homeowners and Auto Insurance
  13. Managing Your Health Insurance
  14. Participate in a Flexible Spending Account
  15. Managing Your Life Insurance
  16. Managing Your Long-Term Disability Insurance
  17. The Basics of Estate Planning
  18. The Basics of Tax Planning
  19. Creating a Login Safety Plan
  20. Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards
  21. Monitor Your Credit Report
  22. Automate Your Finances
  23. Set Up a Financial Dashboard
  24. Set up a Secured Drive to Store Important Documents
  25. Course Wrap-Up

Now that you know what the course is about, let’s take a look at who the course is designed for.

Who is The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ Course For

Let me first tell you who I didn’t design it for (sorry, but being honest). It wasn’t designed for someone who’s close to retirement or in retirement. If that’s you, congratulations but it sounds like you’re already on your way to financial freedom or already there. I do appreciate your interest - the blueprint could definitely make sense for your kids or grandkids though :-). 

Now, let me tell you who I created it for and let’s see if that sounds like you (fingers crossed!). I designed The Financial Freedom Blueprint® for those who are ready to get serious about their personal finances.

They know enough to be dangerous but have come to a point where they could use some guidance. They’ve most likely asked themselves at least one of these questions if not all of them.

  • “What should be the main priority in my life right now when it comes to my finances?”
  • “How much should I be saving?”
  • “When do I know if I’ve saved enough?”
  • “How do I know if I’ve invested in the right things?”
  • "Are there area's in my financial life where I could be saving more money?"

It’s ideal for those individuals in their 20’s and 30’s (sometimes 40’s) who are looking to get serious about their finances. They know enough to be dangerous but have come to a point where they could use some guidance from a professional but don’t want to actually have to pay a professional.The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Is Now An Online Course

They enjoy handling their finances themselves and are probably a little overwhelmed and confused by all of the information out there and would appreciate having everything lined out for them in one place. 

It’s definitely geared towards the beginner to intermediate financial DIYer but also includes a few advanced topics as well. 

I could keep going but if I haven’t hit your hot button yet, well, then I’m probably not going to.

Now you’re probably wondering how much is the course. Well, we’re on the same page because that’s what we’re about to cover next.

And yes, you are correct in assuming I'm a complete dork in this picture.

How Much Does The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ Course Cost?

If you’ve made it to the bottom blog post, thank you so much for sticking around. I know it was a lot of information, but I want you to be as informed as possible to ensure the course is a good fit if you’re thinking of purchasing it.

As for the cost of The Financial Freedom BlueprintⓇ for our clients at NextGen Wealth, we charge a one time fee of $2,497. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of money...but I can assure you we provide multiples of that amount in value, savings and extra earnings. Plus, we do just about all of the work for you.

With that being the case, I wanted almost anyone to be able to afford this course. After much feedback and testing, I’m very proud to offer you the course at over $2,000 off what I charge my clients making the price only $397.

That’s right, just $397 for this extremely comprehensive, easy to follow, step-by-step course to getting your financial life in order and having a plan for the future. 

For our clients, we can make up the cost of $2,497 relatively quickly through various ways to save money on things they’re already buying or making more on savings/investments they already have. If we can do that at $2,497, then I feel pretty confident you’ll be able to do the same at $397 (even quicker).

So, if this sounds like something you might have an interest in then click here or on one of the ads on this page to get signed up. And, if you have any questions at all, I’d be happy to help out.

Start planning your path to financial freedom today!

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