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    About NextGen Wealth

Welcome to the NextGen Wealth About page. We are so happy you made it here and want to learn more about us.

So, who are we? If we want to speak in industry jargon, then you might call us a financial planning and investment management firm. However, that sounds a little boring and, I’m guessing, doesn’t do a whole lot for you to get to know us better.

So, let’s really find out the story behind me and NextGen Wealth?

My name is Clint Haynes, Certified Financial Planner®, and Founder of NextGen Wealth.

I have been in the industry since 2001 as a financial advisor and have worked for big Wall Street firms all the way to smaller regional firms. However, what I have learned is there isn’t much difference between any of them besides the name.

They all pretty much say the exact same thing but just have different people doing it. To be honest, if you looked behind the curtain, you wouldn’t know the difference between firm A, firm B or firm Z. It’s kind of sad in a way.

They all claim to be comprehensive financial planners or financial advisors, but when it comes right down to it, all they really want to do is get your money – since this is how they get paid. If you’re not willing to move all of your investments over to them, then they’re not going to provide you much help.

And, even if you do move all of your investments over to them, all they’re really going to help you with is – guess what – your investments. Trust me, it’s overwhelming and boring at the same time.

They’re going to use all kinds of fancy terms, industry jargon, charts, graphs, performance data, etc. to try and impress you, but it’s most likely just going to leave you more confused than you already were. Heck, it even confuses me when I hear other financial advisors talk sometimes.

With that being the case, I wanted to create a firm that actually was different from everyone else. One that actually talked using normal vocabulary and truly put your interests first.

I wanted to provide you what you really needed; a solid financial plan that covered every aspect of your financial life and not just your investments. An actual plan of getting you to retirement  – not a 200-page document that made zero sense and would be outdated by the time you walked out the door.

So, that’s exactly what we are about at NextGen Wealth. Through our financial planning process, we provide the solutions so to ensure there is a plan for your future and, most importantly, that your money outlives you and not the other way around. Sure, we cover investing, but we also provide you with plenty of advice on tax savings strategies, insurance planning, and estate planning.

And, best of all, we lay it out in a way that actually makes sense and isn't completely overwhelming. I can assure you that you’re not going to get that from other financial planning firms. 

If that sounds like the type of financial advisor you want to work with, then let us help you on your path to retirement relaxation.

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