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Looking for a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) in Lee’s Summit?

If you live in Lee’s Summit, MO and you’re looking for a Certified Financial Planner®, then you may have just landed in the right place. However, keep reading to find out if we’re the perfect fit for your unique financial planning needs since we do specialize in the specific niche of retirement transition planning i.e. helping you transition from the work-life to the retired life with pleasure, purpose, and peace of mind.

Not sure what that means? No problem at all. Keep reading as I’ll explain everything you need to know to ensure it’s the right fit for you. And, best of all, if it’s not, I’ll even make some recommendations to a few Lee’s Summit financial advisors that might just be the perfect fit for you if you don’t happen to be retiring in the next few years.

Meet our Certified Financial Planner® – Clint Haynes, CFP®

Hello! My name is Clint Haynes and I’m a Certified Financial Planner® at NextGen Wealth here in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. First of all, thanks for stopping in to learn more. I appreciate your time and will do everything I can to explain who we are, who we serve, what we do, and why I love being a financial advisor.

Clint Haynes, Certified Financial Planner

About NextGen Wealth Located in Lee’s Summit, MO

As a financial planner, I’ve been in the industry since 2001 and have worked for big Wall Street firms all the way to smaller regional firms. What's interesting, though, is there isn’t much difference between any of them besides the name.

They all kind of say the exact same thing but just have different people saying it. If you could actually look behind the curtain, you probably wouldn’t know the difference between firm A, B, or Z.

They tend to use the same fancy terms, jargon, charts, graphs, performance data, etc. to try and impress you, but it’s most likely just going to leave you more confused than you already were. Heck, it even confuses me when I hear other financial advisors talk sometimes.

With that being the case, I wanted to create a practice that was different from everyone else. One that actually used normal vocabulary that you could understand and truly put your interests first. My ultimate goal is to add extreme value in every area of your financial life, particularly when it comes to helping you transition from your working years to your retirement years.

Through our COLLAB Financial Planning Process™, we provide solutions in every area of your financial life so you can go into retirement with 100% confidence knowing that it will be fulfilling, purpose-driven, and meaningful.

And, best of all, we lay it out in a way that actually makes sense and will get you even more excited about the next stage in your life.

I can assure you that the value we provide is a multiple of what it costs to work with us. Just take a look at our Google Reviews, and I think you'll see why.

If that sounds like the type of financial advisor you want to work with, then let us help you create a plan for your dream retirement.

Schedule your 15-Minute Phone Call today to learn more about our Free Retirement Checkup™.

Why Does NextGen Wealth Choose to Live and Operate in Lee’s Summit

I chose to open NextGen Wealth in Lee’s Summit, MO for a number of reasons. One being, this is where my family and I currently live, and who doesn’t want to live close to where they work? 🙂

Plus, the City of Lee’s Summit is just an incredible place to both live and work. The city is extremely welcoming and business-friendly, has great schools, the cost-of-living is great, and there’s a real feeling of community.

And, the cherry on top is that the downtown area is thriving and has everything we could ever want from both a business and personal perspective. I could go on and on, but I think you can tell I’m pretty passionate about the awesome community that is Lee’s Summit.

What Do You Get with a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®)

As a CFP® professional, I have a fiduciary responsibility to put my clients’ interests above my own and that of NextGen Wealth. I take pride in knowing that my clients are getting the absolute best advice based on their situation and goals rather than what’s best for the bottom line and shareholders.

Having the credentials of a Certified Financial Planner® is similar to having a CPA or master’s degree. The number of hours that went into receiving the CFP® marks, along with the continuing education that’s required on a bi-annual basis, ensures my clients are receiving the most accurate and up-to-date advice that aligns with their goals and wishes.

Getting Started - Meeting with Our Financial Advisor in Lee’s Summit

Getting started with us at NextGen Wealth is a very seamless process. Simply visit our Getting Started Process page to learn more about our Free Retirement Checkup™ (very much like a mini financial plan).

We’ll show you every step of the process, so you know exactly what to expect and what you’re going to get out of it. Plus, we’ll answer some common questions to ensure it’s a good fit for both of us. I definitely don’t want to waste your time if we’re not the perfect fit for you.

Also, be sure to review and/or print our Questions to Ask. As a part of our initial conversation, we’ll go through all of the questions I would recommend asking when interviewing financial advisors (preferably Certified Financial Planners®).

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about NextGen Wealth, how we serve our clients, and why we love being part of the Lee’s Summit community.

If, after reading this, you don’t believe we are the ideal fit for your situation then be sure to check out the Kansas City Financial Advisors Network, which I’m a part of, where you’ll find some fantastic planners that serve their own specific niches in the Kansas City area. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Free Retirement Checkup™

Our free checkup will show you step-by-step how to reduce taxes, invest smarter, and optimize retirement income.

We want you to know exactly how we can help before you pay us a single dollar.

Content written by Clint Haynes, CFP® | Certified Financial Planner®

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