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Our Kansas City Financial Planner Weekly Roundup

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the NextGen Wealth Weekly Roundup. Hope you’re having a great week!THE NEXTGEN WEALTH WEEKLY ROUNDUP 12 21

Believe it or not but Christmas is only four days away! Hopefully, you’ve gotten all of your shopping done and you can coast into Christmas without a worry in the world. If not, you better get on it because I have a feeling shopping malls and department stores are going to be brutal this weekend.

As for the stock market this week well, things haven’t exactly improved. We are in one of those times where it continues to get knocked around every single day and you’re left asking yourself why, when many of the economic indicators seem to be looking fine.

Well, that just seems to be how it goes sometimes. We haven’t seen this big of a market downturn in a number of years, but it’s certainly not out of the ordinary. It’s just the risk you take for getting superior returns to other investments.

With that being said, it’s definitely not time to panic. As long as your goals haven’t changed, then neither should your investments...regardless of what your brain, neighbor or talking head is telling.

Take a deep breath, enjoy the weekend and spend some time with family and friends.

Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Emergency Fund

In our first piece this week, we turn to Dale the Money Guy to learn a few techniques to get that emergency fund built up sooner rather than later. Certainly, some solid tips that may not have crossed your mind before and might just get that emergency fund to where it needs to be.

Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Emergency Fund - My Best Friend The Money Guy

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase I may make a commission from it. This doesn't cost any more to you. To learn more, click here. The V.P. Last week was kind of interesting.

Are You Alive?

Next up we turn to Grant Sabatier (author of Financial Freedom) where he explores if you're truly living or simply skating through life without purpose. Certainly a different take, but one that will no doubt get you thinking. I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Are you Alive? | Grant Sabatier

I've always felt the weight of passing time. Every moment fleeting. When I was 8 years I old I wrote in my journal about how fast the past year had gone. How can I be 8 already? This week I turned 34 and realized I'm as close to 50, as I am to 18.

VRBO and Beyond

Next up, we turn to our attorney friend over at the blog OTHALAFEHU where he gives us a great post on vacation rentals. If you’re thinking about diving into the side hustle that is renting your a property, then this is one you don’t want to miss.

VRBO and Beyond - Vacation Rentals - OthalaFehu's Blog

Sites like VRBO can set you up as a destination landlord. Sit back and watch the money come rolling in, but there are issues and concerns. More and more people are turning away from hotels and anything still around called a ' Travel Agency '.

Common Knowledge: 3 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Make The Most Money From It

In our final read of the week, we turn to Matt Matheson over at Method To Your Money where he shows us some simple ways to make the most of your money. Some of these you may already be familiar with, but others might just be light bulb moments.

Common Knowledge: 3 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Make The Most Money From It - Method to Your Money

Common knowledge is everywhere. That's why it's considered common knowledge (don't worry, this post will get better). And almost nowhere is common knowledge more, ahem, common, than in the world of personal finance. If you're anything like me, you know many of the so-called "rules" when it comes to winning with money.

Things We Were Up To This Week At NextGen Wealth

Compound Interest Can Be Your Ticket To Financial Freedom: Here's How

Between student loan debt and the high cost of living, it can seem difficult to get ahead in this world. However, there's an important concept that, when managed well, can accelerate the growth of your savings and increase your wealth like you couldn't imagine. And, you've probably heard of it before; compound interest.

Make a holiday gift budget you'll stick to | The Kansas City Star

Between gifts, decorations, holiday gatherings and family events, the stress and expense of holidays can be overwhelming

Wrap Up

Enjoy the weekend and spend time with family and friends. Take a break from work and give your mind some well-deserved rest from the long week. Cherish the time you have with your family and I guarantee it will make your life much happier!

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