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Top 7 Mistakes People Make When Planning For Retirement Webinar

Do you worry about your retirement from time to time? You’re not alone.

Do you remember the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008? Retirees watched in disbelief as a large portion of their hard-earned money vanished right before their eyes. Who’s to say something similar can’t happen again, especially with some of the volatility we've seen lately.7 Retirement Mistakes

So, is your financial plan protected from the devastating effects of a steep stock market crash?

What if you could be sure or at least have a little more piece of mind? What if you could prepare your portfolio and be ready when that day comes your way? What if you could breathe a little easier now and not have to stress about unforeseen market conditions later?

Well, I can tell you there is a way to have more confidence in your retirement plan. Interested? Keep on reading.

A while back, I conducted a survey of my readers so I could discover how I could serve you best. I wanted to know what questions you had regarding your finances and the question of how to avoid retirement planning mistakes.

So, instead of just writing a blog post about it, I want to do something a little more because I felt it was that important.

I’m going to host a live, online training that will walk you through exactly how to avoid the top mistakes when planning for retirement. It’ll be on Tuesday, February 19th at 11 am CST.

The webinar is called “The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make Planning For Retirement” and it’s 100% free right from your computer. You can sign up here: 

7 Biggest Mistakes People Make Planning For Retirement

During this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid so-called “investments” that should never have a place in your retirement plan.
  • How to utilize the latest technology to keep tabs on how your portfolio is really performing (net of the fees you pay)
  • Sound investment principles that will promote substantial returns over the long-term.

Here’s that registration link again:

The Biggest Mistake Investors Make
The NextGen Wealth Weekly Roundup, January 25, 201...

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